Vote For Music Tech’s Sexiest NILF: Ian Rogers vs. Sarah Fulen Gregory & More

image from t3.gstatic.com (UPDATED) The new edition of MTV O Music Awards adds a category: Hottest Music NILF and execs from Topspin, Soundcloud, The Hype Machine and turntable.fm top the list. For the  image from t3.gstatic.com uninitiated (I had to Google it.), a NILF is a "nerd I'd like to fuck" and to further define the category, MTV adds the tag-line "I love it when you code dirty". O Music Awards Hottest Music NILF nominees are:

1. Billy Chasen, CEO and Co-founder of Turntable.fm
2. Alexander Ljung, CEO and Founder of SoundCloud
3. Ian Rogers, CEO of Topspin
4. Sarah Fullen Gregory, The Gregory Brothers
5. Michelle You, Co-founder of Songkick
6. Arkadiy Kukarkin, Developer at The Hype Machine
7. Katie Morse, Social Marketing Manager at Billboard
8. Corey Stanford, Founder of Blaztrak
9. Prerna Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of Khush
10. D.A. Wallach, Artist In Residence at Spotify

You'll find voting and of course photos here. You can even nominate your own seacret NILF.

Who do you think is missing from this list?

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