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image from www.google.com (UPDATE 3) Watch Facebook's F8 Conference today here live at 10AM PT / 1PM ET today. The details of Facebook Music will fianlly be announced and Hypebot's Clyde Smith will be watching with you here and commenting via Twitter and in the comments section below.  A more detailed music announcement begins at 3:30PM ET/12:30PM PT. We also want to here from you.  What do you think of the new Facebook Music?  (Hit refresh to see what others are saying.)  WATCH F8 LIVE HERE:

Transforming Industries: The Future Of Digital Music

3:30 EDT

Watch live streaming video from f8transformingindustries at livestream.com

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  1. By not trying to do everything themselves, Facebook has brought on board an incredible array of music partners and services that can evolve quickly with the marketplace. Very smart.

  2. I agree and mentioned something similar over on the keynote post. It’s much smarter than trying to do a music service of their own. In addition, all those partners will now be helping them build rather than viewing FB as competition.

  3. Does anyone know how they are planning on controlling copyright? Ownership has always an issue with Facebook until they received so much criticisim that they were forced to respond by introducing ‘ tick the boxes’ – I wonder how they are going to handle this? Ultimately as with Facebook advertising they will want to make money from music. I can see less and less going to the musician, Facebook making more and more money from advertising, users become overwhelmed by the amount of stimulation onsite, and messages becoming more and more diluted because of the saturation of content.

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