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We Need Curators, Not Gatekeepers (or) Why You Should Stop Using Pandora

PandoraGate How do you discover new music? Michael Epstein used to listen to radio or watch MTV. Then, Pandora came along to help by analyzing what people already like. That’s great; however, Pandora now serves as a gatekeeper because the service decides what music goes into the mix and what doesn’t.

“I understand that Pandora wants to serve as a curator to provide you with music that you will like, but do they need to block music from even being considered?”

What are your thoughts on Pandora and the music it accepts?

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  1. The hard part about about finding new music on Pandora, Spotify etc is that they lag behind what’s available on the internet. In most cases it takes an album release to get music on there, but SoundCloud, YouTube etc give us same day access to an artist posting a song.
    For older music, though, I do enjoy MOG, Spotify and Pandora.

  2. I agree, but Spotify has local integration, so if a cool new indie song comes out (normally given away for free via an e-mail address or from sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum, et al), you can make it appear in Spotify. That is the feature that they have that I haven’t seen on the other music services.

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