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6 Tips For Marketing Music Apps From Digital LA

App-panelLast week Digital LA held an App Marketing Panel in Culver City, CA that included representatives from music app companies Mobile Roadie and Muzine.  Writeups of the panel focused on app marketing tips and tools with plenty of relevance to music from which I have drawn 6 music app marketing tips.

The App Marketing Panel  included industry experts Nicole Cifani, Mobile Roadie’s Head of VIP Client/Partner Relations, and Jim Canella, founder of MUZINE. Liz Kelly wrote about the panel with a summary focused on Top 10 App Marketing Tips. I’ve pulled 6 of those that had particular ties to music app marketing and included a few comments of my own.

6 Tips for Marketing Music Apps:

1. Know thy Competition – Keeping up with music industry and tech blogs will help, especially the indispensable

2. Know thy Customer – Mobile Roadie’s Nicole Cifani stated, “By getting an understanding of your client base, that can help you drive your app strategy. Do they want t-shirts or video?”

3. Know your App Marketing Tools – The panel summary at Digital LA includes 20 App Marketing Tools from packaging to awards shows.

4. Know when to Market – As Michael Terpin of Social Radius noted, app stores don’t work like most retail. You have to plan for a release window rather than for an exact date.

5. Know your Key Influencers – Music app marketers often take a tech startup approach and focus press on tech and music industry outlets. Keep in mind that regular music blogs and press might be a more productive focus for reaching consumers.

6. Love your Customers – MUZINE founder Jim Cannella noted, “Customer service and creating a personal touch point is very important. Every person that tweets about our app, we send them a personal reply to thank them. Get a customer service email and reply to every single email and say how you’re going to solve the problem for them.”

If you check out the full articles on App Marketing Tips and the summary that includes App Marketing Tools, you’ll see plenty more that’s relevant to music marketing because, in many ways, music marketing is mostly just a genre-specific form of marketing with great built-in multimedia content!

Hypebot contributor Clyde Smith is a freelance writer and blogger. He blogs about web business at Flux Research and at This Business of Blogging. To suggest music services and related topics for review at Hypebot, please contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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