BalconyTV: A Simple Concept That Offers Indie Artists True Global Reach

image from s3.amazonaws.com (UPDATED) Romeo and Juliet found their future on a balcony, now more than a few musicians theirs are as well. BalconyTV launched in Dublin when YouTube was still young.  A group of friends were filming things from their balcony and when a musician performed there, it got thousands of hits. The idea went viral and before long Balcony TV was spreading to other cities from Nashville to Istanbul. While still in its early stages, the site already has a track record for getting artists noticed including a few record deals.

image from www.google.com When a new BalconyTV location opens up, they help the musicians film their song, which ultimately turns into a low budget music video. It's uploaded, where thousands and even millions can see the performance. Part of each Balcony TV location's job is to help promote the website, which is free.

BalconyTV also uses YouTube as a distribution channel, but is completely dedicated to music and brings its own following. In other words, you're less likely to get lost in the torrent of pets and stunts.

Now part of a respected Danish incubator Startup Bootcamp, more funding and new monetization options appear right around the corner. Romeo and Juliet found their future on a balcony, now more than a few musicians are as well.

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  1. A band I currently work with did a Balcony TV set about a year ago ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYamnCEAs2E if anyone’s curious ).
    It’s a fun concept, and I enjoy watching local artists perform on the show. A big challenge for the company is maintaining a certain level quality throughout all videos from different locations, but it seems like they’ve done a good job of that so far.
    Best of luck to Balcony TV!

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