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How Do We Benefit From Streaming? Can We?

500x_Streaming-Music-Comparison-Title-ImageSince Spotify launched in the United States, there have been various arguments over compensation and streaming. With that, Derek Miller weighs in on the situation and shares his opinion on streaming with his recent post on Music Think Tank. And what are your thoughts on streaming?

“If Spotify can’t sign a DIY singer-songerwriter it’s no big deal, but if Spotify doesn’t have access to the entire Universal Music catalog, the streaming service will be severely crippled.” (Read On)

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  1. Treating streaming as radio is a killer idea with the artist putting one or two songs, say on Spotify and others.
    The problem is that major labels control streaming and will never give up the big money upfront.
    Imagine Universal or Sony turning down $20 million for an advance to stream full albums?

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