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Music Think Tank: A Call For Submissions

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Hello Hypebot and MTT Community,

First, thank you for your loyal readership and the insightful content that many of you have written. Without you, Music Think Tank would not exist. MTT was made to discuss our thoughts on the current and future music industry, technology, and everything that goes along with it. In order to provide our readers with relevant content, we are asking for content submissions. If you have something to say about the music industry, please contribute a post to MTT. Remember to review the submission guidelines posted on the MTT open page before posting.

Thank you!


Community Manager, MusicThinkTank

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  1. I have a question that should be answered. Does anyone know where I can get my song lyrics published. I also have two songs on cd’s and in a video with music with me pitchin’ them? Every publisher I talk to tells me to send them in and I never hear nothin’or they don’t have time. My material is copyrighted and registered with ASCAP because I’M a ASCAP member. I write positive songs pertainin’ to what’s happenin’ now in the real world. People need to hear things that are positive in a negative world, especially hear about love. We all need more of that.

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