Rdio Goes Really, Really Free: Free Music, No Ads

image from Streaming music service Rdio today announced a new free service tier. The new tier and offers access to all the site's 12 million songs. Free users will see a green bar at the top of the screen that lets them know how much free music they have available for the month. As they listen to tracks, the bar decreases with an amount customized to each individual’s listening behavior. The company explains:

“The amount of free a person will get is dynamic and will be based on their own personal use and displayed in a meter in the corner of their profile. A heavy user will get more, but probably not as much as they will want and a light user will get more than they’d ever want. When a user runs out one month, they can come back the next month for more free or they don’t have to wait and can sign up for an unlimited account.”

Rdio is hoping that free users will convert to paid plans: $4.99 for unlimited Web streaming, $9.99 for unlimited Web and mobile streaming and $17.99 for the Rdio Family Plan. Songs can be shared to Facebook via its just launched integration with Facebook’s Open Graph.

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