Sean Parker On Spotify, The New Music Business & Why Most Bands Should Never Sign With A Label

image from rww.readwriteweb.netdna-cdn.comWe usually post the latest episode of This Week In Music on Saturday morning, but since they're taking a week off, we're re-posting this great video with Sean Paker, billionaire venture capitalist, founder of Facebook and Napster and Spotify investor. Parker talks about the future of the music industry: "I'm not actually sure why you would sign with a record label".  On Spotify, Parker says its "an attempt to finish what I started at Napster".  WATCH THE VIDEO:

    Most of the music discussion happens from 9-18 minutes, then the discussion turns to what's wrong with Facebook and the glut of information.

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  1. Respect to Sean Parker but he makes it sound as if Foster The People aren’t signed to Columbia Records (Sony), which they are. Sure, they got buzz on Hype Machine and performing at SXSW but they signed to a label anyway because it’s still the best avenue for musicians by a long shot.
    You MUST surround yourself with a business team if you’re going to have a true music career. You can call the team a label or a doodad but you still need a team and labels are evolving into those teams.

  2. Agreed that you need a business team, Mike.
    But that teamwork can also be ‘outsourced’ by an independent artist these days, providing work for independent producers, studios, marketing and PR firms, etc.
    This can be a much more cost-effective solution, and generates employment for all.
    A win for everyone except the corporations.

  3. “On Spotify, Parker says its “an attempt to finish what I started at Napster”.
    That says it all. It’s all we need to know.

  4. Many labels already do this…. Thats why its so stupid to say general things because nothing is general anymore. At least not in Europe

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