What Happened To Ian Roger’s This Week In Music?

image from thisweekin.com(UPDATED) It's been a couple of weeks since there's been a new episode of the popular This Week In Music online interview show, so I reached out to host and Topspin CEO Ian Rogers to find out what's up. "They've been moving the studio to Culver City and I've been out of town (Nashville last weekend, Boulder this)," Rogers replied. But This Week In Music has a bunch of new tapings this week:

  • "Friday I'm doing a tour at Sonos up in Santa Barbara"
  • "Saturday we'll have Dave Hyman live from New Noise Santa Barbara"
  • "The next week I'm taping Rob Wells from UMG"
  • "I was supposed to tape Jeff Jampol this week too but I have to be in SF on Weds so I had to move him."

"That's all I can remember at the moment," said Rogers. "Other people who have said yes, but I don't know when they're scheduled for: Alex Patsavas, Steve Schnur, Tom Windish, Jim Donio, Jay Frank…Any requests?"

Who would you like to see on This Week In Music?

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  1. I’m a big fan of Jeff Price. Also, the interview with Al Teller was incredible. Hope you can have him back.

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