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image from www.google.com(UPDATED) Billboard's Glenn Peoples and ex-staffer Anthony Bruno joined forces to pick their Top 10 Music Startups For 2011. As we'll see in other 2011 "Best Of" lists, this one is heavy on apps and music discovery. Missing are emerging solutions in the direct-to-fan and live music sectors.  Most of the names will be familiar to Hypebot readers. Billboard's Top 10 Music Startups For 2011:

  1. Turntable.fm - social music
  2. Moontoast - social commerce
  3. Schematic Labs - Soundtracking music app
  4. Headliner.fm - fan acquisition
  5. 8Tracks - user generated net radio
  6. Songtrust - flat fee royalty collection
  7. Filter Squad - Discover music iPad app
  8. Superglued - location based music app
  9. Songza - "playlists for everything"
  10. Ex.fm - music discovery and sharing

Glenn People's startups to watch for 2012: Beyond Oblivion and ThingLink.

Who do you think is missing from this list of Top 10 Music Sartups For 2011?