Music Marketing

Emotional Hook + Technical Hook = Viral Success

image from infographic our recent post 7 Ways To Help Your Marketing Message Go Viral reminded the folks at the Buffer blog of two concepts key for anyone hoping to take their band/blog/idea viral.  Crucial to every viral success is an “emotional hook” combined with a “technical hook”.  What does that mean? One of the most viral marketing messages of all times just happens to include music and captures Emotional Hook + Technical Hook = Viral Success perfectly:

“They laughed when I sat down at the piano.
But when I started to play…”

Before your hitting send on your next tweet or blog headline, ask yourself: Does it have both an emotional and a technical hook?


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  1. Artists should focus on making remarkable content not engineering something specifically to go ‘viral’. The act of creating art isn’t about that. Contrived art is an oxymoron.

  2. if people come here to get advice on digital marketing they are higher than a lab rat. houghton = fraud.

  3. You’re right…artists should focus on making remarkable content, but when it comes down to marketing your own music/brand it’s less about art & more about business. As producer Butch Walker said in another article quoted by Hypebot today; “[it’s] not about the commerce of art, [it’s] the art of commerce.”

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