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Facebook Offers ‘Best Practices’ For Music On Site

image from part of an announcement that revealed impressive increases in activity for the music services that launched two months ago on Facebook, the social network also released a new set of Open Graph Best Practices for music. Here are some things that most successful music apps, services and Pages on Facebook have in common:

  • Socially connected users. "With a base of users who are able to share your content with their friends from day one, you’re set up to double down on the social experience."
  • Experiences are social by design. "Once you have connected users and have clearly set the expectation up front that they will be in a social experience, you benefit from an increased volume of sharing and virality for your app through News Feed, Ticker and Timeline."
  • Content being shared has lasting value. "Beyond the immediate distribution benefits in channels like Ticker and News Feed, think about the aggregations and patterns your app can represent on Timeline to bring long-term value to a user and their friends who will revisit and reflect on it over the years."

Facebook also say they’re getting closer to a wider roll-out of Timeline and the Open Graph, as well as, mobile and web experiences "that are being created across all industries".

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