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FanFueled Raises $1 Million For Ticketing Platform That Rewards Fan Engagement

image from launched FanFueled has raised $1 million in funding for it's social and reward based ticketing platform. The seed round was led by Listen LLC and angel William Lohse. With service fees 1/2 to 2/3 lower than Ticketmaster, FanFueled's online ticketing and marketing platform incentivizes, tracks, and rewards fan engagement.

Evenbrite and other ticketing platforms offer low fees and tools for social marketing, but FanFueled is unique in paying up to 50% of serivce fees back to fans helping to sell tickets. They receive points that can be used toward exclusive merchandise or special marketing offers set up between the event and FanFueled.

Rewards can run the gamut from autographed photos, backstage passed, posters, t-shirts, meet-n-greets, VIP upgrades, etc. In pre-launch tests, FanFueled Engage produced over 5 million peer-to-peer impressions for clients like Camp Bisco and the North Coast Music Festival.

FanFeuled's service fees, which can be wrapped into the overall ticket price or charged separately are:

  • For tickets $1 -$10.00, service fees are $1.49
  • For tickets $10.01-$24.99, service fees are $1.99
  • For tickets $25-$49.99, service fees are $2.49
  • For tickets $50-$99.99, service fees are $2.99
  • For tickets $100 - $199.99, service fees are $3.99
  • Service fees increase $1 every hundred dollars after that with a cap at $9.99.