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Mixberry Media’s vAds Offers New Approach To Reach Mobile & Streaming Audience

MixberrySillicon Valley based Mixberry Media has announced the launch of their vAds service, which allows digital advertisers to more efficiently reach mobile and web audiences using their Voice & Audio Ads network to improve ad monetization.

Mixberry has developed their technology specifically for music streaming – online radio in particular. The company is in talks with most of the Top 20 music streaming apps (web and mobile) on the market now, and plan on being an increased source of revenue for streaming radio providers. 

Functionally speaking, publishers request an ad from the vAds server and Mixberry Media delivers it milliseconds later. This technology capitalizes on dead time where the user is fully engaged waiting for an audio response from the app or site.

“Current audio ads lack flexibility and real-time content modifications based on current user conditions,” Mixberry said in a recent release. “They are pre-generated and placed in a predefined stream. This makes them less relevant and less effective.”

Given that most mobile advertising models typically charge advertisers for clicks, Mixberry feels that advertisers need to measure beyond the click. Streaming audio applications on mobile devices tend to be used while the device is in a user’s pocket, preventing the ad to be displayed while the app is running in the background.

“Our vAds technology brings a fresh and unique approach to mobile and web advertising,” said Andre Hawit, Mixberry Media founder and CEO. “We capitalize and monetize idle and transition time in a friendly, non-intrusive and extremely effective manner. We are the shortest distance between advertisers and their target audience.”

Also announced today, Mixberry Media’s online AdStudio enables brands to create custom audio ads complete with background music, multiple languages and voice personalities. The entire Mixberry Media system is fully automated with advanced publisher and advertiser portals for management, analysis, monitoring, and real-time reporting.

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This post is by regular Hypebot contributor, musician, and independent music business professional - Hisham Dahud (@HishamDahud)

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  1. “We capitalize and monetize idle and transition time in a friendly, non-intrusive and extremely effective manner.”
    Non-intrusive, huh? How exactly are ads that interrut audio streaming non-intrusive? I don’t know much about this service, but my initial reaction is that this is just going to irritate consumers.

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