NEWS BRIEF: Google Music, SOPA Reaction, New SoundExchange COO, Facebook Events & More

    HypebotFaviconThe big music story is the launch of Google Music. Reactions are mixed, but it is more ambitious than I feared based on previous Google Music false starts. (This chart compares competitors.) And most things Google launched improve greatly over time. Google also shared an essential stat:  they are adding 500K Android users daily for a total of past 200M. Any app without an Android version is shooting itself in the foot.


    • Facebook updates Events feature. (TechCrunch)
    • Why Facebook Is The Real Winner With Google’s Mediocre Music Strategy. (MocoNews)
    • 50 Cent’s Headphones By SMS Audio Get Priced Starting At $129, Available For Pre-Order Now (Techrunch)
    • K-Mart and Best Buy practically giving away CDs on Black Friday. (Daily Swarm)
    • Former MySpace CEO launches a startup studio in LA. (CNet)


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    1. this has brought some good change though, HumanFankind(dot)com allows fans to donate to the artists that they stole from. If SOPA passed the internet would be awfffuullll.


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