NEWS BRIEF: Spotify’s ‘Big’ Day, Sweden v. Legal Music, TuneCore v. DMN, Fugazi, Dizzee Rascal, More

HypebotFaviconSpotify had a brief outage Sunday, just days ahead of their "Big Announcement" on Wednesday. Music marketing options like this Gorillaz 10th Anniversary page may be part of the update. That same night Spotify is celebrating with a second 'user only' gig in their London series w/Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) and Josh T Pearson.

  • Is Sweden selling its music-makers for a song? Swedish songwriters are up in arms after politician Annie Lööf suggested illegal downloads be legitimised for private use. (Guardian)
  • JOIN THE DEBATE: Digital Music News used Tunecore stats to claim that "99.875% of its artists make less than minimum wage" and the only solutions are "a day job or subsidizing parents".  Needless to say, Tunecore CEO Jeff Price didn't agree. More here.


  • Emily Gonneau: It’s time artists took centre stage of the music business again. Has the music industry been neglecting its source, namely artists? The manager of OK Go (EU), Emilie Chick and Carosel answers. (midem)
  • Dizzee Rascal’s record company Dirtee Stank cut a deal with Universal Music which will see the major’s Island Records market and distribute releases including the next Dizzee album. (CMU)
  • Fugazi are set to launch an 800 show Fugazi Live archive via Dischord. (Clash)
  • Social Proof Is The New Marketing. (TechCrunch)
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