NEWS BRIEF: Indies Battle EMI Sale, iTunes Int’l, AC/DC & Hendix Apps, Zya, RIAA vs. MP3’s & More

HypebotFaviconThe Battle Begins: Universal's takeover of EMI "bad news for almost everyone", say independent labels. (NME) Some EU based indie publishers are vowing to fight the EMI Publishing sale to Sony, as well.

  • iTunes may open in Brazil before Christmas. (TNW) It's exciting to see digital music companies going international with increasing speed, and rightsholders finally letting them.


  • More iTunes Match answers: DJ sets, how to replace music, and more. (ars)
  • AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix get new iPhone and iPad apps. (TheAppSide)
  • Music Creation and Social Platform Zya Goes Live (DMW)
  • Spotify is now available on Philips Streamium Wireless Hi-Fi component systems.
  • When MC Hammer Visited Twitter…(BI)
  • As Expected, RIAA Threatens Site That Claims To Let You Sell Used MP3s (Techdirt)
  • WORTH WATCHING: PeelPost – upload your band or venue promo poster and share it across the web. Simple. Effective. Free.
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