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NEWS BRIEF: Spotify's Plans, Vice + Warner Bros, 4.74 Degrees Of Separation, Digital Stones & More

HypebotFaviconWhat do think Spotify is launching during its "big announcement" next Wednesday? I share my best guesses here. What are yours?

  • Four years after leaving Atlantic Records, Vice Music, the in-house label of Vice Media  is partnering Warner Bros. Records for global  distribution, marketing and touring support. (Billboard)
  • Its no longer 6 degrees of separation. New study says it's 4.74 degrees. (NYT)


  • Facebook To Mix Sponsored Stories Ads With Content In The Site-Wide Ticker. (TechCrunch)  
  • What to make of Facebook's oversharing? (CNET)  
  • Rolling Stones Launch Digital Archive (ArtistDirect)
  • Spotify, Rdio, And MOG On Artist Payments: Don't Blame Us. (Fast Company)
  • Economy Mutes A Longtime Louisville Record Shop. (NPR)