NEWS BRIEF: UMG vs Grooveshark, Music Startup Capital, EMI’s Future, BlackPlanetRadio, Speek, More

HypebotFaviconUniversal Music takes aim at Grooveshark with a new lawsuit that looks like it could shut the music streamer down. (Hypebot)

  • Europe is becoming the capital of global music startups. (GigOm) Why? An easier licensing environment and supportive governments and communities.
  • Universal's EMI buyout will be painful. (Guardian) "When Universal gobbled up the label I was signed to, I lost out. How can we stop EMI's smaller artists suffering the same fate?"


  • Interactive One, a subsidiary of Radio One, has formed a partnership with Songza, to launch BlackPlanet Radio, a social radio website targeted towards African Americans.
  • The Speek: Rare Music Videos, for a price. (NY Times) Or you can watch them for free on YouTube.
  • Lamenting The Loss Of Local Rock Radio. (NPR)
  • CD box sets: It's that time of year again. (CNet)
  • SongCast has added Google Music to their online distribution network. The flat fee music distributor charges $5.99 a month per artist regardless of the number of releases.
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