Oasis’ Noel Gallagher Blasts iTunes, Shazam & Fans With Opinions [AUDIO]

image from www.google.comShazam, iTunes, 30 second "samples" and crowdsourcing all get blasted in 2 minutes and 33 seconds by former Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher. The tape was made to "promote" his "High Flying Birds" album  released in September on own Mash Records label. 

WARNING: His language is not fucking suitable for some workplaces.

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  1. “who decides what 30 seconds of music is on there? […] I have no idea”
    nobody decides man, the prelistening samples are automatically created

  2. I’m confused. Maybe I just can’t really follow what he’s saying.
    So, one minute he says it’s so easy to get music and it’s great. Then he gets angry about it, okay still kinda following. But then he starts insulting the fans for being fans? Or is he just meaning to rip on DJ’s for building on it? I’m not sure. But at first listen to it it came off like he was yelling at the fans for some reason to me whether he meant to or not. I’m just sayin’..

  3. HEy i did not critizise no one in fact tune core helps getting artists music out,where as ten years ago you could not so times have changed,and what i wanted to say”to reach the real money its a crap shoot,even for major artist theres no garenties,that music will climb to number 1,its up to the fans,now im not putting down anyone,and yes as a starving artist yes we all should be payed!DAM ITSTEAMAN!!!!p.s sorry had to speak my mind!

  4. I did not realize how inarticulate he is in real life.
    His thoughts are as interesting as frozen molasses.

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