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Next Generation QR Codes: From QR Hacker To The Gaga Machine

Qr-hackerQR codes continue their scattered advance with a number of creative music related campaigns. Creative uses include greetings cards connected to Spotify playlists, codes for The Gaga Machine, links to a map of Portland music venues and inclusion in an interactive music installation for the Iceland Airwaves festival. Plus, QR Hacker provides a web app for creating personalized QR codes.

Greeting Cards Lead to Themed Spotify Playlists

A couple of months back UK-based creative agency Stupid, who are doing some nice work with artistic QR code campaigns, created a series of greeting cards that directed the recipient to themed playlists accessible via a Spotify Premium smart phone app. I have no idea what happens if you don't have that Spotify app.

QR Codes Feed The Gaga Machine

On November 21st, Barneys New York will open Gaga's Workshop featuring Lady Gaga's version of Santa's Workshop using all 5500 sq. ft. of the fifth floor. The complex project will include The Gaga Machine that outputs special messages and offers when one inputs "mysterious alpha-numeric codes and QR codes [that] will be strategically placed and released through a variety of digital and outdoor, experiential channels for people to find throughout New York City and online."

Accessing Maps for Portland Music Venues

The Portland [Maine] Music Foundation recently put out a printed map featuring local music venues that include a QR code leading one to a "Google map with 30 more live-music venues" since they couldn't all fit on the printed version. The display case for the maps also featured the same QR code so that it would be accessible when the maps ran out.

Iceland Airwaves Interactive Music Installation

Two Icelandic telecom companies created an interactive music installation for the 2011 Iceland Airwaves music festival. People's movement to music created various patterns that periodically resolved into a QR code that, when scanned, offered more information about what was happening at the festival.

QR Hacker Creates Personalized QR Codes

If you're wanting to experiment with QR codes and are looking for a creative code generator, you might want to take a look at QR Hacker. It's free and allows you to use your own content. QR Hacker has gotten good reviews from Simply Zesty's Lauren Fisher, though she said it had a few bugs, and from Geek Dad's Daniel Danahoo.

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