Retail & Vinyl Introduces Facebook App For Labels

Restorm-logoZurich-based recently introduced a label-focused version of their Facebook app for bands. Billed as the "world's first Facebook app for labels", offers a number of features ranging from music sales to news to events listings. is also creating a platform of services for multiple sectors of the music ecosystem, including individual artists, labels, venues, media and fans.'s new Facebook Label App provides:

  • Music sales directly on your fan page
  • Automatic synchronisation with all artist profiles
  • Artist roster, releases, events, videos and news
  • Slider for personalised banners

Apparently the app itself is free and they charge a 10% fee for music sales. also offers separate licensing services but I couldn't find a specific commission amount for those services.

Check out postrap's label app on Facebook to see how it works.

So far I haven't found another label-oriented Facebook app and being the first would be a significant move. However, they also claim to have the lowest fee for handling music sales at 10%. Given that Hypebot sponsor Vibedeck offers music sales on Facebook and other locations for free, one is reminded of the problem of making such broad claims.

Since we live in a world in which web apps and services are often copied as soon as they catch attention, in the long run the best or best-marketed service often trumps the first service. What I find more interesting about is the fact that they're building a platform that provides related but role-specific services for everybody from artists to media that could even be opened up to service providers from marketers to retailers.

Given the more typical focus of web services on one or two players in the larger music ecosystem, such an approach creates the potential for identifying gaps that they can fill while benefiting from being able to connect diverse industry sectors.

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  1. Hi Clyde
    Thank’s for your article. Our licensing service is just open for musicians up to now. They can upload their content on and define their prices. The artist keeps 100% of the defined licensing fee, if a song is licensed. charges the licensee an extra 10% on that price as a transaction fee. will launch soon and we will provide more detailed information then.
    This video explains the basic principle of rightclearing:
    I agree with you concerning the claims. Of course we do a broad research at first, but since the Internet is moving so fast, it seems to be impossible to be on top of all developments. We didn’t know Vibedeck until now and they seem to offer a good service as well. Thanks for calling our attention to their service.
    Jonas, Media&Communication

  2. I appreciate the clarification and I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from.
    I’ve been working hard to get up-to-speed on who’s doing what for months now and I’m still finding out about newly launched companies and older companies that have been aroudn for awhile on a weekly basis. Often on a daily basis.
    That said, feel free to keep me notified of major developments and best of luck!

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