Sonos Adds Slacker, Upgrades Android App, Spotify Controls & Sonos Labs API

image from www.sonos.comA collection of 24,342 tracks is close to worthless if they can't be enjoyed at will. Cloud services like iTunes Match, Amazon Cloud and Google Music offer a partial solution, and streaming music provides another. But the last few feet between your music and listener bliss in places like the kitchen or back porch can still be elusive. Providing ubiquitous in-home audio has been Sonos' mission since launch; and a stream of innovation cemented their status as modern in-house audio leaders. (Yes, I know I'm gushing. If you've got a better product, prove it to me.) Here's the latest round of Sonos upgrades:

  • The Slacker music service has joined Rhapsody, Rdio, Pandora and over a dozen other music & audio services on the Sonos music line-up.
  • Spotify gets a serious feature boost providing more control.
  • A new free Sonos controller app for Android tablets is optimized for the larger screen of tablets like the Kindle Fire, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  • A more robust API. With Sonos 3.6 software, the company is introducing Sonos Labs, a new Beta environment to test music services before they’re officially launched. Media and music service developers can learn more about becoming a Sonos Labs music partner at http://musicpartners.sonos.com.
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