Sony Added To Today’s Google Music Launch, Here’s What to Look For

image from At a Los Angeles event scheduled for this afternoon, Google Music is expected to enhance its service with new mobile and sharing features plus a download store including the catalogs of Universal, EMI, Sony and indie aggregator Merlin. Warner Music Group remains the one holdout; and Sony just came aboard last night, according to multiple sources.  Here's what to look for during today's Google Music announcement:

  • Finally, a Google download store – sans WMG.
  • Some sort of music sharing function.  Google execs have suggested that music sharing will be a central theme, exactly what that means is anyone's guess.
  • Mobile – We know that T-Mobile is throwing the official after-party in the launch venue. We also know that mobile is at the center of Google's Android platform.
  • Expect more robust integration with their Google cloud music locker.
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