Spotify Promises ‘Big Announcement’ Nov. 30th

image from www.eventfarm.comLike the rest of the media, I got an email invite from Spotify this morning to a "Big announcement" at 12pm EST / 9am PST on November 30th. (click on the image at left to enlarge) Aside from the fact that CEO Daniel Ek will host the streaming event from New York City along with some special guests, no other details are being provided, to the so far leak-free announcement. What could Spotify have up its sleeve that is that "big"?

I'm betting its some combo of:

  • Big partner announcements of mobile or ISP providers offering Spotify as a bundled service.
  • Spotify's own US download store. No more sending customers off to iTunes, etc.
  • Ticketing and or other "buy" options powered by new partners

What do you think Spotify's big announcement is?

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  1. Maybe Spotify app 2.0? I think the app lacks a lot of standard features and some better discovery-tools wont get in the way… You can only hope 🙂

  2. My guess is Movies. $4.99 for the unlimited experience, $9.99 for premium.
    With music + video bundles at $14.99.

  3. I think that they are giving the execs a raise and paying the content owners even less! They sold the “exposure” lie and everyone bought it.

  4. They pay them a hell of a lot more than the alternative… pirate sites!
    Look at Spotify’s finances. Millions are pushed back to the labels in advances and royalties.

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