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YouTube Dumps Insight, Launches Free Analytics

image from has replaced and upgraded its Insight platform with the launch of YouTube Analytics. As an example of the kind of data, that YouTube now provides, they offered the video of the talking twin babies. Shot in Brooklyn, and this video has been viewed more than 10M times in the US and 30M times outside the U.S. 5% of its views came from Brazil, another 5% from Russian, and 1 out of 100 people in the Philippines watched. A list of key YouTube Analytics features:

  • A Quick Overview: A new overview provides all of the information that you care about quickly, while also enabling you to easily access more detailed information.
  • More Detailed Reports: Analytics now includes more detailed statistics so that you can have a more precise understanding of your content and audiences.
  • Audience Builders: Discover which videos are driving the most views and subscriptions.
  • Audience Retention: See how far viewers are watching through your video in the new audience retention report.

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