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15 Indie Artist Revenue Opportunities For 2012

image from[BEST OF HYPEBOT] Indie artists are making money in all sorts of ways, often by combining a variety of small revenue streams and one-off deals into significant income. Here are 15 revenue streams or opportunities from my Hypebot posts of 2011. Like media appearances, no one will make you rich (or famous), but together they offer a range of options.

15 Indie Artist Revenue Opportunities For 2012

  1. Alternative Performance Venues
    ConcertsInYourHome ~
  2. New Retail Outlets
    Melodica Marketing
    ~ Offline Music Distribution Network
  3. Affiliate Programs
    Amazon Associates
    ~ iTunes Affiliate
  4. Unique & Interesting Band Merch
    ~ Dizzyjam vs. Bitvibe ~ Shirtify
  5. Ecommerce & Direct to Fan
    ~ CD Baby MusicStore ~ FanBridge on Facebook
  6. Find Unique Pairings
    Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box
  7. Music Licensing
    Vimeo x Audiosocket ~ Audiosocket MaaS: Storefront
  8. Mixes That Pay
    ~ Legitmix
  9. Digital Archives
    Fugazi & The Rolling Stones ~
  10. Live Streams
    ~ StageIt ~ StreamJam
  11. Sell Your Knowledge
    Ebooks ~ MuseSpring
  12. You Have to Give Before You Can Give Back
    Downtime Facebook App
    ~ Ramble At The Ryman
  13. Find Your Love
    Blood, Sweat + Vinyl
  14. Find Your Crowd
    Crowdfunding ~ Patronism ~ TuneRights
  15. Save Money



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