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2011 Was A Great Year For Spotify [By The Numbers]

image from some legitimate concerns over the amount of revenue returned to artists and streaming music's impact on sales, Spotify had a breakthrough year. Here's it looked like based on official company figures:

  • Launched in 5 new countries, including (finally) the U.S., Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium


  • Major service improvements including Spotify Apps, a new Radio mode, a download store, Facebook and iPod integration, support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone as well as moving further into the home with Onkyo, Western Digital and Boxee
  • Signing over 300,000 independent music labels to Spotify this year - including Sub Pop Records, Merge Records and SC Distribution.
  • Adding approximately 20,000 tracks per day
  • Adding 1.5 million subscribers to the service to take the total number of paying users to over 2.5 million