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New School Concert Ticketing With Ticketfly

Ticketfly-bubble-vector-CMYK-1024x367As the  touring industry slowly wakes up to the power of social networks to have drive ticket sales, smaller ticketing companies are popping up to offer more social alternatives to Live Nation's Ticketmaster. On Music Think Tank, talks to Ryan O’Connor of Ticketfly, one of the more popular new ticket platforms, about the the current state and future of ticketing.

“It’s amazing how much data ticketing companies sit on without leveraging it to their client’s advantage. You would think in the age of Facebook and Spotify, there’s no reason why ticketing companies shouldn’t combine my purchase history with my likes, and playlists as well as the likes of my friends to serve me a curated list of shows I would be more likely to see.”

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  1. Just found this interview. Ticketfly has done a tremendous job servicing the smaller venues that Ticketmaster/LiveNation seems to have forgotten in their merger.
    The team is pretty sharp and their integrated strategy is the right approach. Now the question is they can build their product for assigned seating.

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