CD Baby, Rumblefish Deliver Licensing Opportunities To 3.5M Tracks From 250,000 Indie Artists

image from www.google.com(UPDATED) Music licensing platform Rumblefish has partnered with CD Baby to offer the distributor's 250,000 indie artists licensing opportunities.  Fans and businesses can add music from CD Baby’s 3.5 million track catalog into YouTube videos and other online videos and presentations. CD Baby artists will also have access to sync licensing opportunities in advertising, film, TV and games.

image from www.rumblefish.comPrimarily through its deal with YouTube, Rumblefish has licensed about 5 million tracks from its music catalog into user generated videos, slideshows, presentations and games.In addition to Google, sites licensing via Rumbelfish include Animoto, Virtual Active, Amazon Studios and Kaiser Permanente.


Starting December 15th, CD Baby artists can sign up at no extra charge to join the Rumblefish catalog in their account here.


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