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Goal Setting Workshop For 2012

Mlm-goals-2012Ready for the new year? With each new year, people make resolutions that usually are abandoned and not kept. On Music Think Tank, Leena Sowambur has posted a presentation on goal setting that can help you get to where you want to be or at least get you closer to attaining your goals. Make 2012 memorable!

“2012 is upon us but of course it isn’t too late to start thinking about what you want for the year!”

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  1. You are right with what you said, making great and better changes is never too late to do. 2012 is just the right time for us to make things right and succeed in all our undertakings. Thank you so much for your great post! I felt good reading it. In return, I’d like to recommend this great video that I just watched from an entrepreneur about goal setting and the right tools that we can use to plan for the better. Here it is:

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