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How Musicians Use Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from BandPage creators RootMusic tracked the Top 250 Musicians on Facebook, looking for best practices and strategies that make them successful on the platform. "The important points to takeaway from this is that there is a huge active audience of music fans on Facebook," concludes RootMusic, "and a large part of your success comes down to how to properly engage those fans. How Musicians Use Facebook:


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Read the full study here.

Hypebot Analysis: Music Pages Reign On Facebook, But Are Big Numbers Enough?

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  1. I’d like to see a study that removes the major label artists…something like the top 100 independent artists (who haven’t received signifcant/charting commercial CHR airplay). These artists could be on indie labels or completely independent. That will give musicians a better idea of what works on facebook to attract fans/likes.

  2. @Seth I agree with your post. The only challenge is that most (not all) but most indie artists from what I have seen, use facebook and other sites to post things such as “hey check out my track” and that seems to be the extent of their promotion. Whereas the more established marketing teams use a more professional calculated planned approach which in return brings the required results.

  3. I don’t have the time or interest, but it should be pretty easy for a researcher to find the 100 musicians/bands with the most “likes” that aren’t signed to a major label on facebook.

  4. @Seth
    That’s EXACTLY what I’M saying! You can’t really chart the impact facebbok has when major label artists use it because they already have so much revenue, connections, and marketing behind them.
    Honestly, I share articles I find interesting (like this one) on my band page to inform my fans what I’m thinking of and doing at the moment without divulging too much personal information.
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  5. I agree with all of you…major artists that have a label supporting them have unlimited resources when compard to the independent musician.
    To add to that, the fact that Rihanna is the most popular artist on fb is a testiment to how sad the music industry has become.
    Does she even play an instrument? I do believe that without the instruments that create the music to back her up, she would be just another voice in the crowd.
    I wish that our society would see that sitting down and learning to play an instrument is far more challenging then hiring a producer to create all your music so you can sing over it.
    There is a word for that, it karaoke.

  6. I guess that means that Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Barbara Streisand, and Frank Sinatra were all just ‘karaoke singers.’ Hmm

  7. As an indy artist, im lost in the shuffle! So much to do, never enough money and time to do it all! Then you have to go play the gigs that fund your addiction. Facebook can only take you so far, then its just knowing the right people. Which i guess you could meet in facebook. Hell, what do i know, im just a fool who doesnt see failure as an option!

  8. As for the karaoke comment, did any of the older artist play instruments? Did they write any of the material or arrangements? Just curious…

  9. I think this is something that COULD help indie artists: knowing more about this “planned approach”.
    Of all the indie-artist tips out there, no one told me I need 2-3 months of promoting my album to blogs, magazines/news and radio journalists BEFORE I even post it online or “release” it in any way. The release show needed to be booked, and then the press releases go out and we’re talking all 4-6 months in advance.
    After I released my album, with much advice from other indies who had done the same before me, THEN I find out that the “planned approach” is exactly what successful artists (major and indie) do. (Majors plan years ahead!) — Records/songs are made/recorded and aren’t released for months, even years after they are ready to go. This where “calculated” comes in.
    So, yes, we all need to post to FB once a day – did you know that 11am, 3pm, and 8pm is when the most people are online? — Now THAT was a tip that gave me some REAL information that could help me! And, it gave me some structure…

  10. Lastly, it does seems like this article was just a rootmusic bandpage promotion disguised as “advice” about how to use facebook to “make it big”.
    I agree that there should be an analysis of top *independent* artists using FB. The major label artists don’t even do their own posts, promotional staff and interns do that! HOWEVER, as an indie, I have also found it refreshing to just try to learn something that will make my own indie promotion stronger. (see my reply to a comment above)

  11. Good comment.
    It is the session musicians and musicians as a whole who create the music and a real producer is one who works everything from the budget, assists with engineering, to post production techniques.

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