Music Pages Reign On Facebook, But Are Big Numbers Enough? [ANALYSIS]

Facebook-Music-Dashboard-Spotify-625x452It’s clear by now that music is huge on Facebook. So huge in fact, that 7 of the 10 most liked pages on Facebook belong to musicians, averaging 43 million likes. Additionally, the top 250 artists on Facebook have a total of 2 billion likes, and the most “liked” artist on Facebook (Rihanna with 47.7 million) has more likes than the top five athletes combined.

That’s according to a recent study conducted by RootMusic, creators of the largest music application on Facebook, Bandpage. In their study, they found that of the top 1,000 pages on the Facebook platform, the most common types of pages belong to musicians and bands.

Further findings include:

  • 89% of the top 250 artists use music apps to share their tracks and tour dates
  • 88% of the top 250 artists are posting at least once a week on their page
  • 78% of touring musicians use the platform to promote their shows
  • Two thirds of artists use their wall or BandPage to greet fans
  • The top 250 artists average 1.6 posts a day


While these figures may come as no surprise to the majority of readers, it's worth mentioning that these large numbers of active fans must be properly engaged in order to be fully capitalized upon. As large of a group as the 88% of the top 250 artists comprises, one post a week is simply not enough to properly engage a Facebook audience. Considering that the majority of active Facebook users log in at least once a day, one post a week will account for a very low percentage of the amount of engagements a single user has in a given week.

Posting once a week isn’t doing any favors for your EdgeRank, either. The more your fans comment, like and share, the higher your EdgeRank – meaning the more often your page’s content will display in a user's news feed.

"Actively posting and engaging your fans leads to more people talking about you, leads to more new fans, leads to more people at your show, leads to more cash in your pocket, leads to a sustainable career as a musician." – RootMusic

In many ways, people are beginning to “live” on Facebook by augmenting their realities with regular status updates, tags, and location check-ins. And it's only going to intensify as the mobile experience becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives. 

Posting once a week is like being a parent that only comes home once a week for 15 minutes to spend time with their family – how do you expect to build deep and lasting relationships that way? If you don't have the time to monitor your own Social Media properties, and budget permitting, outsource to someone who specializes in Social Media Management. It's important to note however, that there will never be a complete substitute for your own voice. 

Your Fans Are Your Family

Today and forever moving forward, artists are wise to begin thinking of and treating their fans as though they were as close as family; a family that must be nurtured in order to build solid, long-term relationships with over time. In return for your nutriment, they’ll support you when times are tough, they’ll be there to celebrate your greatest victories, and they’ll do all that is in their power to share the joy that is you and your art with the world.

So empower them…

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This post is by regular Hypebot contributor, musician, and music business professional Hisham Dahud (@HishamDahud)

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