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MySpace Reboots Today With Focus On Music, Facebook Integration

image from after it was purchased by online ad firm Specific Media at a fire sale price, MySpace is finally getting a makeover.  The focus, as the new owners promised, is on music and includes full Facebook integration, a final admission that MySpace is no longer the social network it was created to be.

Rolling out today, the changes, first reported by Billboard, also include a revamped music player with music recommendation and music search built in. "Music is white-hot right now and we want to be able to capitalize on our music catalog and our history in music. It's something the previous management didn't really highlight,"MySpace chief operating officer Chris Vanderhook told Billboard.

Vanderhook's hope is to use the deals that MySpace has with labels along with an exclusive catalog of millions of tracks from independent artists to reposition the site as a music destination.  Many artists, however, stopped updating their MySpace pages months ago, and their is no guarantee they or their fans will return.

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  1. I dont know, I stopped using it years ago. The pages took too long to load, people spam the hell outta you, Facebook has become the same. Tons of friends who I dont know, dont want to know. People spammed me w/mafia wars, virtual gifts, stupid stuff etc. I doubt they’ll ever get it to where they want it again. I think they had a good run & should just let it go!

  2. agreed UberdanSounds… FB is falling prey to the exact same reason MySpace suffered it’s meltdown — CLUTTER. Too much stuff on the page turns people off, period. I don’t think MS was the privacy raper FB is though. That said, MS will never rise again out of the grave…

  3. Though it might be far-fetched, I think MS may have a chance at redemption because there are so many independent artists looking for any medium to get there music heard. Their success will partly be determined by how they strategize the new site, but I don’t think it is as impossible as many people seem to believe.

  4. On the other hand there are so many different (new and fresh) ways to be heard as a musician. Not only MS and FB. Don’t have a MS account anymore, waste of time, then FB is a hub for other places. It’s only about using the tools that work. Constantly move towards your own website…

  5. Unfortunately, MySpace has had its day and is now just a has been player in the social media/music game. Facebook is a much better idea, but it too is getting too close to becoming MySpace. Both could stand to streamline things a bit.

  6. There are a few points on which MySpace Music is somewhat week : pages take too much time to load and also also it has become less professional in terms of musical communication. On the other end Facebook is too matter-of-fact and a lot of people deliver wrong information.

  7. I think TalentWatch is on to something. It’s geared to aspiring music artists, music fans and industry professionals.

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