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New MySpace “Unleashes World’s Largest (100% FREE) Online Music Library”

image from www.hypebot.comAs reported yesterday, MySpace has finally begun its makeover with an emphasis on music and the launch of a new player that combines free listening, discovery and sharing with personalized radio and Facebook integration  The company says beta testing showed the new player driving engagement beyond the 1 hour mark to more than 20 songs and resulting in a 10% lift in average music streams per person.

Under a headline that must have been written by new MySpace owner Specific Media's ad department – "Myspace Unleashes World's Largest Online Music Library to Fans Everywhere with New Music Player" – the player has launched on both online and mobile devices without any audio ad interruptions and subscription fees.

Rebranding the site as a "leading social entertainment destination", MySpace hopes to take full advantage of deals with labels and an extensive catalog of uploaded tracks from indie musicians. The new player provides free unlimited on-demand listening, a lean-back personalized radio mode, song search and instant sync capabilities that enables fan to share what they've listened to on Myspace with friends on Facebook.

Of course, most of the music people want to listen to can be also be found and shared right on Facebook itself. 

The new Myspace Music Player, a described by the company:

  • On-Demand Listening lets people listen to individual songs, full albums and playlists for free, on demand without interruption of audio advertisements and with no caps on streaming or skips.
  • Facebook Integration allows people to listen and share their music selections instantly with friends via Myspace and Facebook's news feed, ticker and timeline.  Myspace automatically creates a profile for new users.
  • Radio Mode is a lean-back listening experience that recommends tracks based on music listening history. The player functionality also allows listeners to add songs to their existing playlists based on newly-discovered favorites that they heard first through the Myspace recommendations made in Radio Mode. 
  • Additionally, through Radio Mode, people can discover all 15 million artists on Myspace – major, independent, signed or unsigned – and visit an artist's radio station at the link:
  • Discover new music with improved search options such as Discovery/Browse, Top Charts, Similar Songs and Editor's Picks.


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  1. yup, I don’t know why people think they can keep a social network that was not that great to begin with…alive!
    Good luck getting all those people back on it. I think people are tired of the spam thru all these social networks.
    Facebook has already seen it’s glory days.

  2. It will be interesting to see if they can get some of their old users back. However, im not sure they are offering 100% Free music library, because Im sure they dont have licensing agreements with a lot of labels!

  3. It really depends… if the makeover is good enough, and the functionality is improved enough to outshine its competitors, then anything is possible… I don’t use myspace anymore, but I still have my account.. Im sure the same is true for many others.. that means if they could make a comeback… they already have the signups…

  4. well, the player currently seems to me work very bad. I can’t remember when it’s been for last time it played something. Just buffering and that is all what it does. Might it be because of not finished development of it? I think entire By the way, Myspace engine is too slow and none of the changes has not got it better.It’s a pity, because I think it is still good place for whatching news from artists mostly whithout the bullshits around like in case of other popular social sites.

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