NEWS BRIEF: MySpace Ups Free Music Ante, iTunes Parental Warnings, HMV Collapse, Eventbrite & More

    HypebotFaviconMySpace has relaunched and while it's probably too late, two things stood out: they've created what may be the most comprehensive 100% free unlimited music service (including mobile), and their tests show the new player driving engagement beyond 1 hour.  Details here.

    • iTunes and other download sites to add parental advisory warnings, at least in UK. (Telegraph) ‘Explicit’ logos on physical CDs and DVDs will be added to same songs on Amazon, HMV.com and elsewhere.
    • UK music group HMV admits future is uncertain after announcing another £36 million loss. (NME) Wiill sell live music division,


    • Vinyl album sales are up 36.5% so far this year, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
    • Eventbrite has launched and At The Door iOs app. Coupled with their mobile app and you have an end to end low fee paperless ticketing system available to everyone. More artists should be experimneting services like this or the Topspin system to take control of their own ticketing.
    • Music biz loses court case against P2P developer. (GigaOm) The major record labels and a local music rights group lost their court case against Spanish P2P developer Pablo Soto, man behind both the Blubster and Piolet file-sharing applications.
    • SST Records' DMCA Take Down Request Results in Removal of Legit YouTube Videos. (Billboard)
    • Facebook reveals music, film make friendships; books, not so much. (ars)
    • Sean Parker Struggles With Fame. (NYT)
    • Live Nation has launched in South Korea. Not the best timing…

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