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Organize Facebook Events From Invites To Ticketing with Usher iPhone App

Usher-logoUsher, a new iPhone app unrelated to the superstar performer, looks like a great way to organize Facebook events using your smartphone. It has numerous capabilities for event organizers and attendees have the option of using their phones to display their tickets or printing them out online. With an Android app on the way, Usher is definitely worth a look for the busy event organizer who coordinates his or her life via smartphone.

Organize & Host Facebook Events from Your Smartphone

Usher is a free iPhone app that allows you to organize Facebook events, invite guests and take tickets, all with your smartphone. The features list is quite extensive with such options as inviting Facebook friends based on demographics, assigning doorman status to any FB friend, monitoring guest arrivals in real time and checking guests in via smartphone.

Though it's currently only available as an iPhone app/Facebook events combo, an Android app is in the works and other social networks are expected at a future date. Limited functions, including printing out tickets, are available online but Usher is clearly intended to be an events manager for a SoLoMo (social, local, mobile) world.

Usher has a number of security code options for check-ins, including use of QR codes and event-specific animations called the Sight Code.

Payment transactions are also in the works. That may be where monetization begins but there are currently no signs of revenue streams for Usher's creators.

The information on the site is quite thorough. The iPhone app is ready for download and the Facebook app is also good to go.

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  1. I just retweeted this, but I took “Usher” out of the headline. I nearly didn’t read this article because I thought it was about another celebrity-branded app I wasn’t interested in.
    I’m tossing this out to illustrate how names can affect perception.

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