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Promote Your Music On Bander Music Game App

BanderBander is an iOS app for both iPad and iPhone that gamifies music discovery while connecting indie artists and music listeners. Artists are offered free profiles and opportunities to sell their music via iTunes. Listeners get free streaming and free promotional tracks.  Deciding whether or not the platform is worth the exchange is now a regular decision for artists and their teams in the discovery economy. VIDEO:

Bander for iPad

Musicsoft Arts' Bander mobile app is free for both iPad and iPhone.

Listeners are drawn by free streaming of indie tracks and free tracks if they like the band that wins a weekly contest. Musicians have the opportunity to promote their music and be featured in the Hit or Miss Channel? contest.

Whether such platforms are real promo opportunities depends on the community that develops.  If they get deeply involved that increases the chances of Bander becoming a fan development tool and possibly a vehicle for selling some tracks.

While Bander does seem like a plausible route into the mobile world as part of a larger strategy, I'd suggest waiting and seeing if it gathers a critical mass of listeners before focusing targeted effort.

Bander creator Musicsoft Arts will be presenting at midemlab in January.

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  1. Greetings from bander hq. thanks for the nice review. We created bander to connect artists with fans directly on mobile. Our goals are simple – give every artist and band a free artist profile with some music to reach out to more mobile music fans and to increase digital sales. For music fans, we provide the best way to discover new music on downloads and to bet rewarded for being a fan.
    Bander is 100% free for artists and getting your promo tracks to bander takes minutes – just sign in to to get started. You get a permanent beautiful music profile where fans can discover your music and buy it.
    Bander is optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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