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Indie Tracks Drive Sound City Game Facebook App

Kboom-logoSound City is a social network embedded within a Facebook app that allows players to create night clubs within the game with audio playlists drawn from Music Dealers' pool of indie music available for licensing. It's an interesting use of a fluctuating catalog and potentially a place for marketing one's music if players become regular participants. Currently in public beta, Sound City is worth putting on your watch list.


A Club in Sound City

KBooM! are the creators of Sound City and it's pitched as a way of "discovering great music from up-and-coming artists":

"Utilizing Music Dealers growing catalog of over 100,000 songs made up of some of the best undiscovered global music talent…Sound City allows players to build up a music library of songs, listen to them freely, and share them with your friends. By completing music challenges, players earn cash and build their reputation, which allow users to customize their clubs anyway they see fit, creating a virtual hangout for their friends. Players also have the ability to check out the hottest bands from the game and interact with the bands' special VIP clubs. "

The in-game music search and discovery tools were developed by Music Dealers to surface relevant musicians. The Sound City app resides on Facebook for a network within a network.

For musicians that want their music to appear in the game, the faq within the app suggests getting an account with Music Dealers and your music will become available within the game.

Initial tracks are free. In-game purchases include use of Facebook credits as well as credit earned in the game for additional tracks and avatar fashion.

Stay tuned for more on such options as the VIP clubs for bands which might be the ideal marketing tool for Sound City.

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