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SkrillexFor a lot of people Skrillex came out of nowhere despite the fact that he's been steadily building for quite some time. I discovered him when walking by the Asheville Civic Center.  I saw a huge lively crowd leaving a show and found out it was a performance by Skrillex. But, like so many others, I didn't start paying close attention until he got 5 Grammy nominations. How did he do it? Maybe he had a 10 Point Plan!


Getting 5 Grammy nominations, including becoming the first DJ to ever be nominated for Best New Artist, and being paired with The Doors, for a project that includes such djs and producers as DJ Premier, Mark Ronson and The Crystal Method, tells you that Skrillex has been putting in work. Such a rise is a nonlinear process but here are some tips on how it's done.

The 10 Point Skrillex Plan for Getting That Grammy

1) Stay on the Grind

Skrillex is described as working constantly but says it's not about drugs, it's about avoiding R.E.M. sleep.

2) Build Organically

He and his team built organically through digital releases, social networking and live shows rather than through advertising.

3) Focus on the Fans, Not the Press

Though Skrillex has definitely gotten attention along the way, people were searching for him before the media was driving them.

4) Give It Away, Then Sell It

Even when Skrillex did a track with Korn, they gave it away before releasing it for sale.

5) Brand It

Skrillex' 2010 EP "My Name Is Skrillex" was given away free and the music is still available for free streaming but there's nothing subtle about the branding.

6) Mainstream the Underground

Skrillex has received quite a bit of hate from purists who attack the transformation of dubstep into brostep but he's all about reaching the masses and loving his fans.

7) Ignore the Haters

If it's true that "haters make you famous", Skrillex has done a nice job of ignoring the hate while it builds his fame.

8) Get the Cosign

Deadmau5 released the second Skrillex EP, "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites," giving Skrillex a major cosign in the growing electronic dance music scene.

9) Pass On the Favors

Skrillex expanded his sphere of influence when he launched OWSLA Records and released Porter Robinson's "Spitfire" EP.

10) Do You Until You Are You

Skrillex worked his way from screamo singer to dubstep dj to being Skrillex. He seems comfortable yet focused and driven. Sometimes it takes a while to truly become yourself.

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