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The Voice Project: Rescuing Child Soldiers

Voice-project-radioMusic has been a central element in The Voice Project's ongoing program to rescue child soldiers from forced conscription in the Lord's Revolutionary Army in Uganda. Combatants are welcomed home with messages in music by women of northern Uganda who have experienced the upheavals of war. The Voice Project is currently building an FM radio network to continue spreading the word.

Amplify Peace – The Voice Project

I originally encountered The Voice Project's work via Bouncing Cats, a documentary about Breakdance Project Uganda. It's part of The Voice Project's larger mission of letting child soldiers conscripted into war by the Lord's Revolutionary Army know they are forgiven and can return home.

That message has been shared in songs by women of northern Uganda which are now being spread by FM radio:

"Recent UN debriefings from the increasing number of ex-combatants who are defecting and surrendering show that for well over 50% the main factor in deciding to escape and surrender has been the recent FM radio broadcast programs encouraging them to come home."

"Right now there is a rare opportunity for increased FM radio coverage, messaging and music to help bring home many more soldiers who have been abducted and forced to fight, and to try and help to end Africa's longest running and most brutal war."

The stations being built are designed to reach combat zones. Successful recovery of child soldiers has also occurred via mobile stations. The Voice Project is a truly powerful use of music to help bring peace to a longstanding battle and you can support their work.

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