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Why You Should Give Your Music Away For Free

Free-downloadsThe debate on whether or not you should give away music for free continues with Jeremy Belcher’s latest post on Music Think Tank. He covers music services, indie music sales, and the concept of Hear-Like-Buy. To add to this, Hisham’s earlier post on music piracy explains that artists show their love first by giving away music and then the audience will help spread the word, attend the shows, and buy merch. What do you think of giving away music for free?    

“As an independent artist, you should remove any roadblocks that might prevent potential new fans from hearing your music.” (Read On)

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  1. I believe the price of music should not be free but at a price where it seems like it is free. Maybe some artist need to give three songs for a dollar or albums for four dollars with not as many songs.

  2. I think someone should build me a house for free and find some other way to get paid like selling t-shirts about my free house, lol.

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