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Creative Music Marketing from Wiz Khalifa, Twin Atlantic, Higher Concept & Thaddeus Clark

Wiz-khalifa-lighter-via-indiehiphopCreative music marketing doesn't necessarily require new ideas. Taking an established concept and updating it or fitting it to your needs can often give a fresh look to older ideas as the following examples ranging from Thaddeus Clark's liner notes to Wiz Khalifa's combo lighter and bottle opener attest.

The point is to spread the word about what you're doing in a way that both inspires and expands your fanbase.  If you do a solid job, people will respond, especially if you use your marketing concept or campaign to reach out beyond your usual realm.  For example, to industry bloggers or even non-music marketing sites.

Thaddeus Clark Creates Online Liner Notes

Grids of graphic images have become a popular design approach for a variety of websites. Thaddeus Clark is promoting his free Dubtape with such a page featuring an image for each song that pops up with liner notes and a stream from SoundCloud.

The Higher Concept Combines Web Tools to Get to SXSW

The Higher Concept is running an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their trip to SXSW that features a YouTube video making their case (shown above). The campaign includes the use of webdoc to create a digital poster for their Facebook page that can also be shared by fans.

Twin Atlantic Unlocks Music for Instagram Upload

Twin Atlantic is using Instagram to offer content. Posting pics to their promo site unlocks content and each image will also be used in a photo mosaic poster, extending the campaign beyond its initial use.

Wiz Khalifa Brands with a Lighter/Bottle Opener shares this example of a combo lighter and bottle opener for keeping Wiz Khalifa in mind when you're on that party train and says, "As I’m writing this, I’m looking at a Die Hard battery bottle opener that I’ve had on my key ring for at least 5 years."

What I really like about the lighter/opener combo is that by taking it offline in a manner that connects to one's fanbase, Wiz Khalifa then gets an added boost as people take pics and bring it online. Of course, even if you don't have rabid fans who'll respond to every move you make, you can jumpstart the process by doing something cool offline and then posting it on your main blog, your Tumblr blog and other outposts of your extended web presence!

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