Demand = Value In The New Music Economy

Guest post by Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder Records, a Vancouver based rock n' roll brand architect, marketing consultant, blogger, podcaster, speaker and artist manager.

If there's no demand, there's no value.

If you create demand you create an opportunity for monetization.

Without demand, your music is essentially worthless to the public, regardless of what you paid to record and produce it.

Encourage an open environment of sharing around your music.

Sharing creates new fans.

Fans create demand.


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  1. ?… And eating food is very important…
    I really dont hope anyone looking here was thinking otherwise than what Brian just wrote….

  2. Yeah I know, it’s a very very obvious post… one that really shouldn’t need to be said. But it does.
    Time and time again, most recently four days ago, I encountered a developing artist who refused to accept that he should use Free Music as a strategy to create fans for his band.
    Here was an artist who rarely played gigs and had no marketing going on whatsoever… yet he was demanding people on his Facebook page to support him and buy his album. He was getting visibly frustrated and having arguments with people when they asked for a free track. Hs response? “Screw you. Do you know how much it cost me to record this? Buy It.”
    Sooo… that was the inspiration behind this post. It was intended as a little reminder and wake-up call that you can’t expect to ask for money for something if no one knows it exists.

  3. Every day, I realize something that should have been obvious and I kick myself a little. That seems to be the way life is. Moreover, sometimes putting things simply puts things in perspective. Besides, who remembers many inspiring quotations that are longer than a sentence or two anyway?

  4. Nope, it’s backward. Create VALUE first, then you will have DEMAND.
    Just sharing something will not magically give it value.
    You don’t even need to “share” it , because people will get it for free whether you like it or not anyway. So you might as well charge for it, and find a way to reward and privilege those who really support you , instead of rewarding those who are just taking it away because they feel they are entitled to.

  5. Can you back this up with some real facts and figures? People believe in UFOs and space aliens, but I haven’t seen much physical proof. So besides Bruce giving you a forum to hype you consultancy company Newt, where are your facts? Come on, titillate me with some dollar figures.

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