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Is MySpace Really Dead? It Still Gets More Traffic Than Tumblr & Google+ [CHART]

image from musicians gave up on MySpace long ago.  And efforts by new owners to reinvigorate the brand have been recieved with a healthy dose of skepticism.  But  while MySpace clearly had declined dramatically, rumors of its death may be, as they say, greatly exaggerated. Here are the latest ComScore social media stats:

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  1. Unfortunately Google still shows Myspace high in ranking eventhough most sites havent been updated for ages…

  2. Wow! I am honestly surprised by these numbers. I would’ve expected MySpace’s core users to have jumped over to other networks (esp. Tumblr or Facebook) a long time ago.
    No wonder Justin Timberlake has some faith in it.

  3. You mean via search? I don’t remember ever seeing a MySpace result for something I’ve searched for. Maybe I don’t search the same things.

  4. I still get more Myspace hits than on Reverbnation, despite updating every six months or so.
    They improved their player, making it possible to browse lots of sites without interrupting the music, so the end user experience actually improved. Their sound quality is user-dependent, but bit rates are higher than Reverbnation’s since they downgraded theirs.
    Myspace standardized their graphics editor, which angered the site owners by buggering everybody’s carefully concocted graphics, spawning a lot of trash talk, but at the end of the day, they’re easier to use, and their SEO wins; my Myspace is a billboard now, with links to where I’m active, but the integration keeps the Facebook peeps in my network apprised of music I’m playing on the site.
    Spotify and some others do the same, but everybody already knows how to use Myspace, the awareness level with fans is just that much higher.I’m not quite ready to stick a fork in it, cuz according to Next Big Sound, I get more new fans that way than any other, barring shows.

  5. I think a really important metric here is “Avg. Minutes Per Visitor”. Factoring that in would seem to place Myspace second to last, ahead of only Google Plus.

  6. I think Myspace was brilliant for musicians…but they messed with it, then they STUPIDLY tried to copy the LOOK of Facebook, which is the worst thing about FB. Myspace is now very difficult to navigate, it takes way more time out of a busy musicians day. It looks cluttered and crappy. They should strip it down, put it back closer to the way it was, and maybe add a sub page tab where you can click and go to a FB style social page…That’s really the only thing it was missing. FB’s format sucks and they change and anger everyone twice a week.

  7. Myspace is totally wrecked. It’s actually completely unusable these days – everything takes an age to load – even messages. How much worse could it get than before Murdoch sold it? The answer is this much worse – the new owners have done nothing with the site, not even had the courtesy to message existing users once in 7 months to say what they are doing. It’s totally crap – the fact that Timberlake has signed in to his own official profile on myspace about two times since July says it all. I used to love myspace but I fricking hate it with a passion now.

  8. Yeah, It’s only worth now to fill their blog platform with articles in order to gain a better search engine position. The society there is time wasting. Not resultative.

  9. September 2012 – well, Specific Media have had Myspace for over a year and, guess what, they’ve done jack with it. It’s completely unusable and useless. Well done.

  10. As an indie musician, I still get a steady stream of new fans & plays on MySpace, even though my music is also located elsewhere on the net. I first started making my original music available online using MySpace several years ago, & I’m grateful for the regular feedback that I get from my fan-base. It has encouraged me to go out & get a distribution deal, release a couple of albums & some singles, & has generally been a positive experience. All of the social networking sites seem to have their own issues, & they cater for different needs anyway.

  11. Myspace isn’t that bad. It really needs to find some creative way to pull the userbase back. Their redesigned site blows FaceBook away. If they had the amount of users FaceBook has now I’d be alot happier with it. MySpace entertains while keeping you connected to others. FaceBook just keeps you connected.

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