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Mobile Backstage Fan Clubs Expand To Web

Mobile-backstage Mobile Backstage, which is a fan club service that launched with native mobile app options and then added a Facebook app over the summer, is now adding an open web version that can be posted on websites and blogs. For some this will seem like a step back but it can also be seen as a way of being available to one's fans wherever they choose to interact.

The introduction of a browser-based version of Mobile Backstage, which gives one another point of access for a band's fan club/social network, is a move that I believe will eventually be emulated by other mobile-only services to facilitate additional growth. Be that as it may, here's how Mobile Backstage describes the new web app:

"Mobile Backstage browser version is a web interface that can reside anywhere on an artist's website, granting fans unlimited access to the artist's Facebook and mobile community. Fans can access the community directly from the artist's website and exchange news, pictures, videos, audio and text in an intimate and personal environment. They can send messages to other fans, find and check into gigs, follow the artist's movements on the road, see the location of other fans and upgrade to mobile apps."

You can check out one in operation on the website of Nightwish shown in the following screenshot.


Web Version of Mobile Backstage for Nightwish

It packs a lot into a small space and you can get a good look without logging in. You can check out recent activity, browse members and content and check for the band's events. Members can comment and interact and also upload photos, videos and audio.

Neither the site nor Mobile Backstage's initial announcement discuss pricing. Though the Facebook app initially launched for free, that no longer seems to be the case and the current pricing is probably out of the reach of most struggling artists. However, for those who can afford it, the browser-based version should be a welcome addition.

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