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Artist Growth Launches Musician Career Management Platform With Mobile Tools

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(UPDATED) Artist Growth, a sophisticated set of cloud-based artist management tools that also utilizes specialized apps for mobile devices, has officially launched. Created by Nashville based musicians turned entrepreneurs Matt Urmy and Jonathan Sexton, Artist Growth's proprietary technology integrates finances, calendars, inventory, contacts, social media and mentoring resources within a single cloud-interface.

At its core, Artist Growth is a software platform that provides artists with streamlined career management tools that track daily business activities and coordinate projects,all in one place. The aim is to help artists better manage their own careers by monitoring revenue goals, expenses, and keeps track of the overall data their music trends. Essentially, the goal with AG is to empower the artist with tools to remain as independent, organized, and economically responsible as possible.

From an artist’s perspective, the major USPs (unique selling points) for Artist Growth include: 

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1. The centralization of nearly every aspect of an artist’s business in one place; helping them understand exactly what their career means to a label, manager, band mate, or an investor from both a quantitative and qualitative standpoint.

2. Cloud-based technology: Artists can access Artist Growth via any web-based or mobile platform, with wireless syncing across multiple devices and users.

3. Simplified & customized daily tasks: Artist Growth's “Action Packs” package to-do lists curated by industry professionals, using push notifications to organize everything from promoting a show to writing a business plan.

4. In-app financial management: Artists can snap photos of receipts on the road, input directly to tax filing systems, and keep track of fan merchandise inventory all in one place.

5. A library of expertise: Access to career trips, tools, and advice from record executives, Grammy-winning producers, artists, managers, and other industry experts on Artist Growth's AGtv video portal, and more than 30K industry contacts via the Indie Bible.

Presently, a full Artist Growth account runs at $4.99 a month, but artists can get started by accessing the AGtv channel library for $0.99 a month. The platform is compatible with any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

For a more in-depth look, check out the video below:


This post is by regular Hypebot contributor and independent music business professional & musician, Hisham Dahud (@HishamDahud)

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