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Simplebooklet-logoSan Francisco-based Independent Distribution Collective (IDC) is now promoting album releases to retail using a digital booklet created using They attribute orders from new buyers to their use and feel that it gives them a professional presentation that can be delivered much more quickly and immediately than physical packages. For indie artists,'s basic free accounts with tools for creating and distributing digital booklets via email or as embeds on websites and social networks are well worth a look.

Though is not designed specifically for music marketing, IDC has developed a template for promoting artists they distribute that gives an example of the possibilities.


Screenshot of IDC Digital Sampler for BPos

The above screenshot gives a limited view of IDC's solution for their artists but you should see it in action for the full effect. It includes basic text, two streamable songs, an album cover graphic, a screenshot of their website that links to the site and an embedded press release that links out to a full-sized version.

This booklet is hosted at and includes a menu of options for embedding and distribution on social media. It can be made available wherever you can embed code and is also ready to go for fans than want to spread the word by posting on their sites or accounts. offers a variety of formats and templates from flyer size to Tumblr booklet to sidebar ad. Booklets can be multipage and, in addition to what's shown above, can include numerous elements such as interactive forms, embedded video and Google maps. In addition to their website, you can find out more on their blog.

The basic service is free and includes plenty of features for single projects or evaluation purposes. Those that want more can pay a $20.00 fee that appears to be annual. For more examples, go to the homepage and click "START". On the "new user startpage" click the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner labeled "my booklets."

If you try it out, please a drop a link in the comments so we can see how you've used it or let us know about similar services that are useful and affordable for indie artists.

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  1. This is an awesome tool for independent artists who are looking to make an impact with online marketing. As the article mentions, this can be used for many different marketing applications including promotion to various media outlets like Print or Radio, Booking Agents, or really anything. Although some people use EPKs, this seems to be a much more robust solution. Check it out!

  2. Very cool use… Thanks for sharing. You can update it with a link to soundcloud for music samples. It is free and it works really well with simplebooklet!

  3. Thanks Steffen,
    I would try it with soundcloud
    I would also like to add that I liked simplebooklet solution because our main focus is on the show, dance and music together, rather than only music.

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