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Musicians Guide to Google+ From Ariel Hyatt

Screen-Shot-2011-12-07-at-10.34.01-AM-300x202Google+ launched in July 2011 adding to the increasing amount of social networks. Have you created a Google+ profile or are you still waiting to see what happens with it? Some artists have already used Google+ to host hangouts where their fans can video chat and hear new music. On Music Think Tank, Ariel Hyatt tells you why you should get Google+ and its features. What do you think of Google+ and how have you used the network to connect with fans?

“Google’s introduction of Google+ is simply the latest, major introduction into this world and as such it is important that you are on top of it to make sure you don’t fall behind other artists who are growing with the trends.”

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  1. Interesting article. I posted one similar to this on my site yesterday.
    Google+ offers some good engagement oppurtunities for musicians, but if you are a relatively unknown act I would suggest spending minimal time on until it builds up in numbers..It still hasn’t picked up among mainstream consumers.

  2. I wonder how Google plus works for music-related businesses like mine. I own a CD duplication company and so far, I’m okay with facebook. Everyone is still on facebook. I will not give any effort on Google Plus unless 51% of the people have switched. I don’t want so much clutter online.

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